An Outsider’s Observation on Indonesian Internet Users


As a Chinese user researcher, I never imagined that one day I would study Indonesian Internet users. I have to admit that a business trip to Indonesia to conduct a usability test did not make me excited in the least bit. However, it was the chance I randomly came across Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray and Love, which talks about a women’s spiritual journey after a divorce, which made this country all the more enjoyable to me.

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Confessions of a User Researcher

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I write this reflective thinking article because I was invited to host a workshop at IXDC. My original plan was to write  a very brief intro to wrap up what brought me to land this job in the first place. However, this process actually brings me to look back on my whole career as a user researcher and upon all my confusions, struggles, and of course enjoyment while doing this job.

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Doing Research as an Evangelist

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I think this case is special for me because it was the very first time that I participated in a user research project as a coordinator. I have been participating and leading in user research projects for years, but almost every time I positioned myself as a support role in a product team.

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Mapping Out the Promotion Shopping Experience

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Though promotions sounds like a way to stimulate irrational shopping behaviour, there are actually different types of shopping patterns which not all  are so irrational as we think. Studying these patterns helps us receive a better understanding about how our users feel about the shopping experience we designed for them. It also asists us with mapping out the obstacles under different shopping patterns allowing us optimise the whole shopping experience.

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Eye-tracking:How Interface Design Affects Eye Movement

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For e-commerce websites, list-page is one of the most important pages that affect conversion. In this research, I used eye-tracking technology to figure out how different list page lay-out affect users’ eye movement.

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Personas of Chinese “Cross-Border Online Shopper”

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As salaries have risen in China, Chinese middle class consumers have increased their number of purchases on imported goods. However,  due to their unwillingness to wait  for the latest products and best prices, the middle class has directed their attention to purchase from foreign retailers and suppliers at the click of a mouse or at the swipe of a screen. While US e-commerce leader Amazon has been increasingly active in China, China’s major e-commerce site,, was planning its cross-border site.

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Leveraging User Behaviour Data to Solve User Research Dilemma

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UBA (User Behaviour Analysis) system is a self-initiated project that I lead during working in JD. It aims to solve some research dilemmas in my daily work.

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eCommerce on Steroids: China’s ‘Internet Gene’ Brands

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This is an article I co-authored with Nicky Szmala, who is my mentor, a marketing innovation leader and a creative partner at K1nd (an Ogilvy & Mather company) . Nicky is the first author.

As a user experience researcher, I do not only care about great user experience carried by design, but also extraordinary experience delivered by services. In this article Nicky and I summarised the reason why these Internet Gene brands can be so popular among consumers in terms of marketing, product and service design.

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